BekkiboomBot Commands

!cmdlistLinks this list
!quotelistLinks quote list
!discordDiscord Invite Link
!socialBekkis’ socials
!isbekkibotdownshe’ll never be down… hopefully
!loveSend love to x!love <@x>
!hugSend a hug to x!hug <@x>
!quotePull a quote Bekki has once said!quote [1-9999]
!unpausePausing too much?
!timeShows Bekkis Time
!specsPC & Laptop Specs
!complimentSend a compliment to x!compliment <@x>
!insultSend a insult to x!insult <@x>
!slapSlap x!slap <@x>
!timeleftShows remaining time on the timer
!flipacoinHeads or tails?!flipacoin [message]
!raidRaid message copypasta!raid [message]
!lurkLet chat know you’re lurking
!susIs x sus?!sus <@x>
!backseatNo backseating unless allowed
!deathIncrease the death counter
!pauseIncrease the pause counter
!scaredIncrease the scared counter
!followageSee how long you’ve been following for
!artistBekkis Artists Instagram
!donateDonate Link
!saveRemind Bekki to save
!uptimeShows stream uptime
Bekkis’ Friends Codes
!pokemongoPokemon Go Code
!battlenetBattlenet Code
!codeNintendo Switch Code
!minecraftMinecraft Server
!amongusRules to join Among Us
Sound Commands
!chickensPlays the og look at all those chickens
!beefPlays the og I smell like beef
!rapperboomBekki Rapping
!knockknockMake Bekki think someone is knocking
!mcdeathPlays the Minecraft death sound
!chubPlays I’ve got a chub
!mlemPlays Bekkis mlem
!bigspaghettiPlays big spaghetti momma
!shartPlays Bekkis shart
!listenDoes bekki listen?
!uwuPlays Bekkis uwu
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